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Easier Access to Business Funding

As Finance Nation tracks further progress in their live funding round on GrowthFunders, key members of the executive team - all Co-Founders - offer their own perspective on the importance of what they are creating and why. 

Easier access to business funding

What is Finance Nation?

Jude Browne (Chief Marketing Officer): We are building a data rich, user friendly service that will enable small and medium sized businesses gain access to the most suitable and financially viable loans in a secure and timely manner. The intelligent and sensitive service provided will naturally sync lenders, brokers and businesses in real-time, bypassing legacy systems and practices and using AI and Machine Learning will continually evolve and improve the product offering with Finance Nation acting as the Master Hub from enquiry to fulfilment. 

Ken Herd (Chief Compliance Officer):  is the solution that brings SME finance into the 21st Century digital world that they currently cannot access, but which we as consumers take for granted. Access to finance should be as quick for SMEs as it is for us as retail consumers, but it currently takes far too long.  Finance Nation offers a mechanism to deliver compliant, detailed, accurate and focused client needs to the best-in-class lenders which in many cases could potentially nosedive at any key point on the client journey. We will speed the process, but in a compliant manner so it’s a much better proposition for businesses.

Why do you like it?

Steven Brown (Chief Distribution Officer): Because of its genuine simplicity and desire to provide a much-needed boost to an over complicated and populated market that does not serve the needs of a highly pressurised and critically important business community within our very own UK PLC.

Ken: Having worked in the financial services industry for more years than anyone else in the team, I have one set that the broking industry needs a shakeup. We have the team skills to do that. 

Steven Brown and Ken Herd of Finance Nation

Why is it Different?

Stephen Pratt (Chief Product and Technology Officer): It blends and assimilates data from more sources than has previously been possible and enables the user to quickly identify the most suitable lenders giving SMEs greater certainty of acceptance from a wider pool of lenders than ever before.

Alison Alden (Chief Financial Officer): There's a certain oxymoron to the premise that you can offer loans, make profit and everyone's happy but in this case it's true!! Finance Nation can be the industry digital compass for commercially viable and sustainable loan enablement.  

Why does that matter?

Stephen P: At a time when UK SMEs have never been more important, unlocking their potential to do business through the provision of financial support, will have a ripple effect that will benefit all areas of the UK economy.

Stephen Pratt: Chief Product and Technology Officer, Finance Nation

Steven B: SMEs are critical to our economy and our society in more ways than we realise. As well as being wealth creators and drivers of UK PLC, they are also major educators, innovators, job creators, social support network creators. They are the social glue that hold many of our smaller communities together. 

Jude: #pandemic #recovery #sustainableloans #UKPLC

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